Allie Macdonald

Allie MacDonald

Allie MacDonald



We know first impressions count and Allie’s warm, bubbly and friendly nature is a perfect fit to be the first person you may see when you walk into the SQC Architecture Office.


Allie provides business support to the team and organises and assists wherever she can to help SQC Architecture be efficient and well run. She is a list person so enjoys ticking off her “to do list” each day at the office.

Obtaining qualifications in Arts/Law, she practised law in NZ, NSW, and Victoria. She has long had an interest in Architecture and Interiors so she is delighted to be working in the team where her organisational skills are an asset and her interest is sparked as well.

Allie has had a strong involvement in Community Aid projects over the years and worked in management for a not for profit which has further developed her administrative and organisational skills.


Allie is indeed a world citizen, having lived in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nepal, New Zealand, and in different parts of Australia. Most recently from Queensland, Allie is happy to be away from the heat and closer to the snow! Her love of skiing and climbing ignited from her life in NZ, and she is looking forward to the snow season and all the region has to offer in outdoor pursuits.

When not pursuing physical activities Allie devotes time to her ongoing interest in music, cuisine, and interior design hobbies.